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in three words: creative, optimistic, idealistic

My bio in 2 lines / essential info

My name is Paola Tartaglino, I am a freelance project manager, consultant for creative projects and design blogger, of course.

I am Italian, but I live in Barcelona.

My long bio / for the very curious people

I was born on the hills of Monferrato in 1982 and I always tell everyone that the high school years were amazing to me: I developed my taste in the mid-nineties, I wrote pages and pages of dreams (spoilers: some later came true!), I discovered love, I played bass, I carried on small and big fights, I decided which side to stand on, I started traveling.

During the university years I moved to Turin, where I studied, I danced, I did all the crazy things of my twenties, I met some of the most important people in my life, I laughed, I cried, I fell in love and I made my heart break repeatedly, I worked in a clothing store, for the Olympics and in a car rental, I watched the river Po flood from the bridge in Piazza Vittorio and ate pizza for breakfast.

I must admit I’ve always been lucky, so I’ve also managed, for over 10 years, to do the job I studied for: the contemporary art historian inside the studio of the sculptor Giuseppe Penone.

My first dissertation was on the interior decoration of the ocean liners traveling between Italy and the United States; in the post-war period, official commissions had the task of selecting the best of Made in Italy, in order to make ships become a floating showcase of excellence in the field of art, crafts and design.

The second dissertation, instead, was on the interiors designed by Carlo Mollino in the 1930s, for himself and for his friends: interiors full of surrealist suggestions to investigate.

In order to cultivate the passion for design, in 2013 I then started writing this blog and I can say that a revolution in my working life started right here.

In 2015 I started collaborating with CasaFacile: I published over 100 short news on paper, over 200 articles on the website, I edited original content for advertisers and made an interior shooting.

In 2016 I founded hoppípolla, a subscription service to receive every month a box of selected products made in collaboration with Italian and foreign creatives: design objects, independent publications, illustrated products, musical suggestions and small surprises.

In three years I have done crazy things, I have met wonderful people and deal with many illustrators and designers. But at some point I felt I didn’t belong to the project anymore and so I chose to say goodbye, in summer 2019.

While I was busy doing all these things, I also fell in love – this time with the right man – and together we traveled a lot (we write together another blog, Carapau Costante). Together with Marco, at the beginning of 2020 and almost 40 years old, we decided to take the great leap and we moved to Barcelona.

Then a super big crisis came and I – eternal optimist – did not panic and indeed I took the opportunity to stop, think and reinvent myself once again.

Today, as I said, I live in Barcelona and I have chosen to become a freelancer because I believe in what I do, because I never get tired of reinventing myself and because I nurture my creativity thanks to the stimuli that come to me from many different directions.