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Project management and curatorship for creative projects

I have been the inspiration and then founder of a start-up, hoppípolla: in the 3 years of activity, between 2016 and 2019 (now I am no longer part of the company) I contributed to bring the project into the houses of over 1500 customers every month.

Now, based on customer needs, I am able to share my experience on various fronts:

  • project design, guidelines and general plans;
  • scouting and coordination of other professionals to be engaded from time to time (authors, illustrators and artists, photographers, product designers, graphic designers);
  • search for suppliers;
  • supervision of all production steps;
  • development of the correct tone of voice and guidelines for communication (blogs, newsletters, product pages);
  • creative guidelines for marketing strategy;
  • organisation of an accurate customer service.

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Project management and curatorship for creative projects | WE MAKE A PAIR