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tailor-made service for crafters, independent brands and illustrators

I want to share the experience gained over the past 10 years at all levels, even with crafters, independent brands and illustrators who do not have large budgets to invest.

Consultancy for illustrators

I will share the experience gained in hoppípolla, to support you in the production of new products, in the organization of your online shop and in communication.

I can help you:

  • advising you how to turn your illustrations into products;
  • setting up from scratch or improving your website and e-shop;
  • finding with you the best solutions to grow your business.

Consultancy for crafters and independent brands

I help you focus to understand which activities need to be prioritized, in order to grow your business.

  • analysis of the situation and planning of medium-term activities;
  • writing texts, micro texts and product pages for your site;
  • selection of e-commerce lifestyle products;
  • preparation of the perfect press kit.

My way of working

More than a consultant, I try to be your partner, advising you on activities I believe you need, and suggesting the help of other professionals, when necessary.

Write to me and we will make a first call, to get to know each other and better understand your problem: so I will be able to get a more precise idea of  your needs, I will be able to analyse the situation and, consequently, to send you a coherent consultancy proposal.

I will prepare a detailed quotation document, so that you can understand as clearly as possible what the activities and objectives will be.


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