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Copywriting for corporate websites and blogs

In the last 10 years I have written many articles for third party websites: you can read most of them at the two links below, which represent the collaborations that I have been carrying on for the longest time and which have more meaning for me (sorry, they are in italian only)

Read my posts on design, crafts, events, beautiful things on  casafacile.it

Read my travel posts on the blog of the tour operator Girolibero/Zeppelin

Here’s what I can do for your company:

  • writing texts for your website pages;
  • writing your product pages;
  • writing articles for the corporate blog;
  • SEO search for single articles and original columns;
  • coordination and supervision of a team of authors;
  • crafting of the annual editorial plan;
  • complete curation of the company blog.

Do you want to discuss a possible collaboration?

Copywriting for corporate websites and blogs | WE MAKE A PAIR